(I) Preparation before contract signing

After the announcement of the production task, the two parties shall negotiate on the subject matter of the contract, and communicate according to your company's requirements on clothing style, fabric accessories, tailor-made time, delivery time, place of delivery, and payment method to reach an initial agreement. According to your company's request, the company will provide you with a full set of model clothes and seal it to you as the basis for acceptance of clothing.

(II) Signing of the contract

The contract is signed according to the terms of the contract agreed between the parties. Define the responsibilities, rights, and obligations of both parties.

(III) Quality Commitment of Surface and Accessories

After signing the contract, according to the surface and accessories confirmed by the bidder, strictly in accordance with the procurement requirements of the ISO9001 quality system, select suppliers with reliable quality and timely supply, and purchase in a timely manner. We are committed to provide the fabric content of ingredients, shrinkage, formaldehyde content, color fastness and other indicators in full compliance with tenderers requirements.