Good news! good news! Manufacturers big promotion

      Our existing large number of spot T-shirts, the price as long as 11 dollars! Quality assurance! A lot of styles, you can first order inspection and then order, tens of dollars T-shirts really only 11 dollars, unlimited number, but more opportunities to seize the opportunity to wait for you! Customers who need to buy a large number of employees T-shirts, time is money, act quickly!

As we are about to enter the uniform production season, in order to encourage and thank our customers and friends for their support for our work, we offer the following kinds of preferential activities:

1. The amount of administrative ordering for work-loading orders from July to August has dropped to 20!

2. Tailored services are available for non-suitable prices.

3. Units in need of uniforms are sent to our company for inspection. In detail, regardless of whether or not your company is reimbursed, our company will grant reimbursement to customers in and out of tolls (in Guangzhou) as long as we have successfully cooperated with all of us. Reimbursement of travel expenses after signing the contract.

4. All the customers who come to our company to choose styles and fabrics will be given a 10% discount price. Because our company has complete styles and color cards, our company has a more selective selection, which is more advantageous than the past in sending information to our customers. We can save everyone's time, so our company gives the purchaser the kind of discount.