Business Philosophy


At the beginning of the establishment of the company, our company established our business philosophy, that is, the three first: customers first, integrity first, quality first.

Customer first

Our company is a garment manufacturing company that provides tailor-made work uniforms for companies of all sizes. Customers are fundamental to the existence and survival of our company. Therefore, we are always grateful to our customers and understand the truth that customers are supreme!

Since we are part of the work of contributing to the customer’s corporate image, we will make changes to any reasonable design requirements put forward by the customer. The customer does not understand the uniform well enough, we will make a professional and patient explanation; we will change the customer's design requirements as scheduled, of course, we will propose amendments to the final decision by the customer; customers have doubts about the quality and price, if We are willing to help them inspect the market because we are 100% assured of our company's product quality and price.

Even after the cooperation, we will provide perfect after-sales service. If the customer decides to make up a few sets, or wants to change the clothes, we will do our best to satisfy the customers. Because our aim is: customer satisfaction is the driving force of our work!

Integrity first

Dunhuang uphold the credibility of the first, integrity for the majority of customer service.

For a company, integrity management is fundamental to the long-term. The reason why we can win many long-term cooperation with the old customers is because we have achieved the promise to our customers and friends. We are able to thrive in the uniform industry, of course, related to good leadership management, and inseparable from the efforts of all members of the company, and the reason why we can have an energetic team is naturally related to the integrity of the company’s employees. Only by committing to the employees and realizing the value of the employees, will the employees be loyal to the real long-term development of the company; the company can only provide customers with value-added opportunities to cultivate customer loyalty. Can constantly attract new customers while giving the company an opportunity to increase revenue. All the good visions of companies must be based on the basis of good faith management!

Quality first

In line with the brand concept of inheriting the quality of beauty, we produce first-class clothing with high-quality fabrics.

If credit management is a fundamental part of a company's long-term development, then good product quality is the reason why a company can exist and develop. Therefore, our company’s garments are strictly controlled from the first step of selecting fabrics, selecting high quality fabric suppliers, and the factory workers are all operators with many years of experience. We are first-class from the materials selection, processing and other production processes. The quality, and after-sales service, we are also strict with the staff, we must be first-class after-sales service, regardless of software or hardware, we are first-rate, because we firmly believe that only create a first-class product, First-class service can create a truly first-class uniform, in order to win the approval of more customers, in order to be invincible in the industry!