We welcome people with lofty ideals and welcome all elites from all walks of life to join this company and join hands in creating a better future. The company is now hiring the following talents:

First, sales agents

job requirements: 

1. Cheerful personality, optimism and enthusiasm; clear-cut, standard Putonghua, knowing certain sales language skills.

2, there is a certain channel sales experience, knowledge of apparel marketing is preferred.

3, have a strong sense of professionalism and positive work attitude.

4. Strong work responsibility, certain market insights, strong learning and communication skills, and strong teamwork and teamwork skills.

5. Be familiar with e-commerce and internet marketing and promotion.

6. Market channels and marketing experience are preferred.


Second, business clerk

Job Responsibilities: 

1, responsible for the salesman's daily schedule.

2. Responsible for the receipt and transfer of salesperson documents, letters and letters.

3, responsible for visiting the reception, business accompanied.

4, do a good job of company model collection and finishing work.

 Third, the electricity operator

job requirements: 

1. Skilled computer operation and Office office software, with basic network knowledge.

2. Have better communication skills and service awareness.

3. Familiar with Tmall Taobao operating procedures and rules, skilled use of Taobao marketing tools and data statistics.

4. One year of e-commerce operation promotion planning related experience.

5. Skilled use of ps is preferred.